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Section One:
Once the download prompt appears, choose "Open" or "Run this program from it's Current Location" to immediately start the WeShallNeverForget web page installation. 

You may also choose "Save" or "Save this program to disk" to place the WinZip file on your hard drive for installation at a later time.

If you are unsure which method to utilize, Choose "Open" or "Run this program from it's Current Location".

After selecting "Open" or "Run this program from it's Current Location", you will see the following window.

When the download has completed, click the "Open" button if prompted.

You will then see the following Window. 

Note: Any changes made here will invalidate the automatic bookmark feature found in the next section.

Click on the "Unzip" button.  After the extraction has completed,  click the "Close" button.

This web will be extracted to C: Drive into a folder named WeShallNeverForget.

(See example in the "Instructions for Navigating Section")

Special Instructions for persons who cannot download *.exe files due to firewall or Internet Security Programs.


Ensure that WeShallNeverForget has been installed on your computer prior to following the instructions in the next section.

Section Two:
To Open WeShallNeverForget in your Internet Explorer web browser....

Click Here to add a bookmark to your Internet Explorer Favorites folder to run the downloaded copy of WeShallNeverForget

(Ensure that you have downloaded and installed WeShallNeverForget to the default directory prior to bookmarking this program.)

The Bookmark will display as... WeShallNeverForget-Local Drive

If you have elected to add a bookmark to your Internet Explorer Favorites folder, you can Stop Here.  

Clicking on the WeShallNeverForget-Local Drive in your Favorites folder will initialize the web page.

Section Three:
Instructions for Navigating to the WeShallNeverForget folder...

Go to the button.  Click on the shortcut.

Double click on C: drive.  Double Click on

Click on the File... index.htm  to start the WeShallNeverForget web program.

All Navigation within the web site can be obtained by initializing this file.

Section Four:
Burning WeShallNeverForget to CD....

If you have a CD-Burner, this Web can be burnt to CD.

Open the C:\WeShallNeverForget folder and copy all files within the folder to the CD Burning Software, including autorun.exe and autorun.inf.

Your CD-Burning software should look similar to the picture depicted below.

After burning the CD, the web page should start automatically upon insertion into your CD Drive.

Reminder !! This Web Page can be distributed FREE.

Please do not offer this product for Sale or Distribute for Profit... (i.e. Offer this product free but overcharge for shipping & handling)

Alternate Download:
Click Here
to Download... WeShallNeverForget in Zip format in the event Network Security prohibits the downloading of files with *.exe extension.