The Following are
EMTs, Paramedics, and EMS Personnel
Who Perished on September 11, 2001:

Mario Santoro, EMT-Paramedic
New York-Presbyterian EMS

Mario Santoro was killed in the line of duty in the September 11, 2001 World trade Center Tragedy. Mario was a paramedic with New York Presbyterian Medical Center.


Mark Schwartz, EMT
Age: 50
Hunter Ambulance Asst. Vice President
Laid to Rest on Sunday, September 16, 2001

Mark was a supervisor at Hunter Ambulance. A co-worker said, "Anyone who has ever worked with Mark will tell you what a Huge Heart he had. Mark loved to Help others. He was more than your boss, he was your friend. I can't even count the number of times I went into his office just to talk, sometimes to cry, he was always there. We will always remember him as "Uncle Mark". We Love You Mark, may you rest in peace."


Richard Allen Pearlman
Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps - EMT, EMS Dispatcher

Richie Pearlman lived in Howard Beach with his parents, He was an active Senior Corps member with the Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Richie worked for a law firm in One Police Plaza when word that the first plane hit came over. Richie went over to the scene with NYPD officers

From Forest Hills VAC: Richard Allen Pearlman joined the Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps Youth Corps at the age of 14. Richie immediately excelled in performing the tasks of a dispatcher. He took his job very seriously, knowing that he provided a vital link between the ambulance that was carrying the sick and the rest of the world including the hospital they were going to.

FHVAC Dispatcher Richard Allen Pearlman pictured on the far right of the back row, was last seen in the area around the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. A picture on pages 16-17 in Newsweek's Extra Edition of America Under Attack shows Richie aiding the injured. This was the last known photo of him taken minutes before the collapse.

Richie was a constant presence at the Corps. He was the regular Tuesday night and Saturday daytime dispatcher. He was present at every can shaking and blood pressure screening the Corps held. He also became involved in the Boy Scouts of America, where he was able to pass on his knowledge of EMS to younger scouts around the area.

At 18 he joined the Senior Corps. He immediately became a source of knowledge for new dispatchers and new members. Richie was trained in CPR and First Aid, but looked forward to starting his EMT course in October of 2001.

On September 11,2001, Richie responded on foot to the World Trade Center. He was in Manhattan on business for his job when the incident occurred. His employer ordered him back to the offices where he would be safe, however Richie knew in his heart where he belonged. A picture on pages 16-17 in Newsweek's Extra Edition of America Under Attack shows Richie aiding the injured.

We remember that Richie was kind. We remember that Richie was eager to help. We remember that Richie wore our uniform proudly. We remember Richie as our friend. We remember Richie as our brother. We remember that Richie was one of many who turned Ground Zero into our Ground Of Heroes.


David Mark Sullins, EMT
Age: 31
Cabrini Hospital Medical Center

David Mark Sullins of Glendale, was an EMT working out of Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan when the call for help at the World Trade Center came through, David responded and has not been heard from since.

The following information about Ricardo Quinn was excerpted from: "Limited Help for Families of Medical Rescue Workers" September 23, 2001, By JIM DWYER:

Mr. Sullins and his partner took two patients to the hospital, including one who was severely injured, Mrs. Sullins said. On their third run into the building, his partner went out to the ambulance for supplies. She ended up in a New Jersey hospital, unsure of how she got there, said Mrs. Sullins, whose husband did not escape.

They have two sons, a 4-year- old, Julian, and an 18-month-old, Christian. Mrs. Sullins, 26, met her husband while she was shopping in the East Village, and he pulled up on a motorcycle ? "doing what young men on motorcycles do," she said. "He caught my attention."

David Sullins appears to have about $10,000 in life insurance, according to his wife, Evelyn Sullins. She said that the hospital had set up a trust fund for their children's education.


Mitch Wallace. EMT
NYC Court Officer - Bayside Volunteer Ambulance

Mitch was working as a Court Officer when the towers were hit. Being an EMT with the Bayside Volunteer Ambulance Corps he rushed to the aid of the injured. Last known contact with Mitch was with his father on his cell phone. Mitch told his father he couldn't talk he was real busy. Then his father heard a large rumble and then nothing; while he watched on TV as the first tower collapsed.




Carlos Lillo
Age: 37
Fire Department of NYC - Paramedic
Battalion 49 member

Cicilia Lillo, of North Babylon, said that when she first met the man who would become her husband, he would barely give her the time of day.

Now she knows for certain that Carlos Lillo would give his life for her. Because he did.

On duty in Astoria, Carlos Lillo, 37, was mobilized to One World Trade Center, where Cicilia worked for the Port Authority on the 64th floor. When the couple could not reach each other by cell phone, Carlos went into the building to find her.

"I was trying to tell him that I got out and not to worry about me," said Lillo, 35. "I know he was my hero, because I was in there and he was trying to save me."

She met Carlos in 1982, when they were students at Long Island City High School. He was in a relationship and they never dated. They met again at a New Year's Eve party 15 years later, and by that June decided to move in together. He proposed at their housewarming party. They married last year in Jamaica.


New York Times Article - September 21, 2001

Ricardo Quinn
Fire Department of NYC - Paramedic
Battalion 57

Ricardo was a paramedic with FDNY he responded to the call for help at the World Trade Center. He was last seen at the base of Tower Two treating the injured.

The following information about Ricardo Quinn was excerpted from: "Limited Help for Families of Medical Rescue Workers" September 23, 2001, By JIM DWYER

The family car never came home the night of Sept. 11 to Bayside, and the phone did not ring. So Ginny Quinn was pretty sure that her husband, Ricardo, had been stuck all night at Elmhurst Hospital Center, working as a paramedic. The next morning, she said, she got a call from another paramedic who asked, "Did Rick make it home?" Her husband, who had a shoulder surgery this summer and was on a light duty assignment, had not gone to Elmhurst Hospital. "He just hightailed it over to the trade center," Mrs. Quinn said. Mr. Quinn was one of eight paramedics and emergency medical technicians who ran into the burning towers and did not make it out alive.

From other paramedics, Mrs. Quinn learned that Mr. Quinn ran into Tower 2 and stopped to bandage a fellow medic who had been hit by falling debris. He helped load another patient into an ambulance, went back inside to help, and disappeared. "I know he went in there thinking of other people," Mrs. Quinn said, referring to her husband's run into the tower. "The world is missing a good, good person." She paused. "Well, it's missing 5,000 of them."


Yamel Merino, EMT
Age: 24
MetroCare Ambulance

Yamel had a soft, sweet voice and a gentle smile, yet she could be as strong as a bull. She felt most fulfilled when she was helping people. She was one of the first people to reach the trade center complex before the first building collapsed. The 24-year-old mother lived with her 8 year old son in Yonkers. Her big goal was to return to school to become a nurse. She had struggled mightily to get where she was. She didn't finish high school, though she eventually got her general equivalency diploma. She had worked at Metrocare Ambulance Company, for more than three years.


David P. Lemagne, EMT-Paramedic / Police Officer, NYC Port Authority
Age: 27

Born February 20, 1974, David P. Lemagne, son of Ruth Myriam and Prudencio Lemagne and brother of Magaly Jane was destined for greatness. From his early days as a child at age 11, David clearly knew what his mission in life was, that of helping people in need. He began in 1995 as an Explorer in Post 525 with the Union City Volunteer Ambulance Corp. In 1990, while in his sophomore year of high school, David received his EMT Certification from the Bergen County EMS Training Academy and quickly entered into service with the Union City Volunteer Ambulance Corp.


Having graduated from Hudson Catholic High School in 1992, David was hired as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) with the Jersey City Medical Center and took on simultaneous responsibilities as an EMT for UMDNJ (University Hospital EMS) through 1993. A burning desire to do more led David to receive an Associate's Degree in Paramedicine from UMDNJ in 1994, and was subsequently hired as a Paramedic with the Jersey City Medical Center, his MICP #1889. Recognizing David's superior talent and leadership skills, UMDNJ elevated him to Ride Master of the UMDNJ EMS Bike Team in 1995 where he served through 1999. Success waits for no one and David was clearly on that path as he began to pursue studies in Sports Medicine at Kean University. In 1998, he was promoted to Tour Chief of the Jersey City Medical Center in charge of Emergency Services. That same year, he was also made a member of the NJSEA Meadowlands Arena as a Team Paramedic. Having aided and saved numerous lives in medical crisis, David understood his calling and what it meant to be of "Service."

David embraced his calling willingly, wholeheartedly, and humbly. He did not know where his path in life would lead, but, as a man of strong faith and trust in God, and with the love and support of his family, he was able to forge ahead on the journey of life. His desire to provide for his family and to be of service to his community led David on August 7, 2000 to take his rightful place among the ranks of one of the Nation's best police departments, that of the Port Authority Police of New York and New Jersey, his Badge #834. What was sure to have been a stellar career, was cut short on a fateful Tuesday on September 11, 2001.

David left this world committed and true to his mission and vocation and we know he lived out that vocation up though the final moments of his young life, having saved two fellow comrades of the PA Police, among them two superior officers; and a third civilian security guard. David, as strong and kingly as his name implies, took charge and led them all to safety. He could have saved himself, but bearing witness to the Gospel message that of, "No greater Love is there than this, than to lay down one's life for a friend," David heard the voice of God calling in the pain and suffering of those in need, and his response was simply "Here I am Lord." And David went home.

David was laid to rest on October 5, 2001 at the Grove Reformed Church Cemetery at 1132 46th Street in North Bergen, New Jersey.


Je Jung, EMT

No department affiliation.


NYPD - NYFD - Port Authority Police
Who Perished on September 11th, 2001


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